Afternoon Nature Program

Nature is at the heart of our class. We believe that all children should experience the joy and wonder that nature provides. Our goal is to spend most of our time outdoors—thinking, talking, creating, playing and learning together.

Using best practices in early childhood and environmental education, the program aims to:

  • Foster caring relationships between one another and with the natural world

  • Engage and strengthen all the senses as we explore the great outdoors at St. Mark's

  • Increase knowledge of our local ecosystem through child-led investigations and with the support of our trained teachers and local experts

  • Develop motor skills through lots of fun, outdoor movement

  • Encourage artistic expression as well as math and engineering skills by offering many opportunities for creating nature-inspired art, making natural toys and building with natural objects

This is a small, mixed-age class, for to children ages 3-5 and runs from 1:00pm - 4:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is available for an extra fee.

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