The philosophy of early childhood education at St. Mark’s Nursery School embraces teacher guided, child-driven, play-based curriculum in a structured, nurturing environment. Our curriculum provides children with daily opportunities to develop across all areas (social-emotional, cognitive and physical). Our smaller class sizes promote a sense of community allowing teachers to model verbal conflict resolution skills and help children enter into play with their peers. Our program is designed to strengthen critical thinking skills and engage children's natural curiosity leading to a life long love of learning.


Our program offers...

A balanced program, which offers children a mix of free play and structure in a safe and secure environment. We provide a preschool curriculum for children ages 2, 3, 4 and 5, including a Kindergarten Preparation program. The separate classes for each age allows teachers to focus on the unique developmental needs of each age group.

Developmentally appropriate curriculum focused on building community and inspiring a life long love of learning. Plenty of free choice playtime encourages children to explore, play and learn in their own unique way. During group times, children develop fundamental social skills. They learn to take turns, share, listen well and to be responsible contributing members of a group.

Deliberately small classes. Over the years we have found that smaller groups create the warm and nurturing environment that preschoolers need to develop strong social skills.

Professional staff, educated in early childhood and passionate about creating learning opportunities for young children.

Our school is owned by the United Methodist Church, but does not include faith based curriculum. Please call 925-254-1364 or email us at to schedule a tour. We would love to show you our school! 

--Claire Peterson, Director